A special feature of our practice is the possibility of a treatment via acupuncture. Acupuncture is one of the oldest known medical therapy methods. Its roots lie in the far-east and it has already been used since the second century B.C.

In today’s scholar medicine treatments focus on the instrumental part of the sickness and on chemic -pharmalogic treatment methods. Unfortunately, this led to a diminish in regard to the view of the human as a complex whole being. The human condition is a balance of soul, genetic material, and energetic condition. With a mixture of scholar medicine and traditional East-Asian medicine we try to develop a patient-specific therapy plan in order to reap the benefit of both methods.

In regard to ENT acupuncture is specifically useful when dealing with chronical diseases of the upper respiratory tract, Headaches, Sickness in the inner ear, and allergology. Even complicated issues like smelling and tasting problems can be treated effectively with this method.

Additionally, acupuncture is helpful with these symptoms:

  • Bracing of the neck muscles

  • Migraine

  • Trigeminusneuralgies

  • Various pain

  • Neurological and Psychosomatic illnesses

  • Hay Fever

And much more,

Acupuncture can be a solution for many problems which are hardly treatable with established methods. Be it only muscle/joint pain or a serious problem. Acupuncture is often an effective alternative