Clinical Studies

We are looking for participants in clinic allergology studies!

We are always looking for patients with a mites, weeds and birch pollen allergies.

A plethora of allergy patients are not satisfied with their treatment. This is also partly due to therapies failing to achieve the promised goal. Most therapies used nowadays are based upon the scientific standard of more than 15 years ago. During the last 10 years there has been a fast-growing number of new treatments developed on a scientific basis. These treatments have either just recently been allowed or are still running through the test phases.

If you are suffering from allergies and are willing to try the newest possible treatments, you are the perfect fit for such a study.

Moreover, by partaking in a clinical study you will be given a thorough medicinal check with various diagnostical methods for free. Usually, there is also a monetary compensation for your time spent and for the cost of travel.

If interested please contact:

Dr. Yury Yarin

Overbeckstraße 33

01139 Dresden

oder unter der Telefonnummer 0351-84354960

oder unter

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